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Based in the heart of Southern California, Knowing Forever has awakened a local music scene. Knowing Forever is leaving an unforgettable mark within each new city and venue. Setting a band apart from the many is tough but Knowing Forever has done just that. Moving through the musical generations of grunge, alternative rock and new metal, Knowing Forever has created their own mix of hard hitting progressions and melodic vocal melodies that force itself into memory of every unsuspected listener. Knowing Forever has created an innovative self-genre for themselves. Without the need to fit into a preset genre Knowing Forever is free to create a sound that is familiar yet dynamic for a new rock movement. After Knowing Forever’s “E.P” release in early 2015, the band quickly started playing at such notable venues, such as: Live Nation owned House of Blues, the world famous Viper Room and the host of their “E.P” release party, The Slidebar Rock and Roll Kitchen. After gaining so much momentum Knowing Forever is now slated to record their second album with a release date in early 2016.


Knowing Forever is:

Vocals – Andrew Marcum
Guitar – Noe Rodriguez
Guitar – Rudy Gutierrez
Bass   – Jonathan Cedeño
Drums -Tyler Johnson

Painful Memory

A video diary of sorts. We've struggled, stumbled, and fumbled. We've also had fun and and refuse to be undone. We keep moving and we hope that you all will feel our struggle and join us.Knowing Forever, May 23rd, 2015

Posted by Knowing Forever on Tuesday, May 12, 2015